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Carpet Floor Tiles stocks a wide range of flooring solutions suitable for use in educational settings such as schools, colleges and universities. When searching for a new classroom carpet, there are many factors that need to be considered, such as the age of the pupils who will mainly use the classroom, activity and traffic. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that can be used across academic settings and classrooms due to the varying differences between primary, secondary and higher education. For example, the flooring used in a lecture room at a university likely would not be suitable for an art lesson with a class of seven-year-olds. Settings must consider all eventualities, the use and the traffic that a school or college floor will contend with. That means investing in classroom carpet tiles that are durable, easy to maintain and capable of withstanding whatever is thrown at them (which, in some cases, could be a lot).

Well Designed

As well as investing in carpet tiles for schools that are robust, settings will naturally want an aesthetically pleasing design that appeals to pupils, teachers and anyone else that may come through the setting. Carpet tiles are great for mapping out areas and coordinating each individual area as per its specific use (i.e. a sitting area). Incorporating appealing colours and patterns aids the learner, helping to maximise the retention of information and participation. This is why many classroom settings tailor décor and the classroom carpet to benefit the learner, as well as choosing colours and designs that do not highlight any dirt that has been traipsed through (because children are prone to muddy shoes). Because of this, a floor that is easy to clean and maintain is a must for such settings because, with the amount of traffic coming through the building (and the age of the majority of them), it won’t take long for dirt to build up.

Easy to Replace

Damaged floor in an education setting is an inevitability, and this is why tiles are the better option than sheet carpet solutions. With sheet carpet, the entire flooring has to be pulled up and replaced - even if one isolated area has been damaged. In the case of school carpet tiles, only the problem tile needs be pulled up and replaced with a spare tile (which, when you account for waste when you place the initial order, there should be leftover tiles) that matches the colour and pattern.

Order Samples from Carpet Floor Tiles

Before placing an order through our website, you can order up to three free samples through Carpet Floor Tiles, helping you to make an informed decision before committing to a design. When you order a sample pack, you will receive the order within five working days.

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