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Commercial Office Carpet Tiles

Carpet Floor Tiles stock a wide range of products suitable for commercial offices and ideal for all budgets. Office carpet tiles start from as little as just £3 per tile for our most cost-effective solution, running through to high-end carpet tiles suitable for even the most exclusive of boardrooms. Finding the right carpet tiles for office use can be a difficult task which is why we set out to make choosing the right solution for your space as easy as possible. On our website, you will find various filters that can be used to refine your search, such as choosing from an array of colours, price per m² and usage. The commercial office carpet squares available from Carpet Floor Tiles have been manufactured to the highest quality, providing an ideal working environment. The best office tiles come with a castor rating, signifying how well the flooring will bounce back when furniture is sat on top of it (such as the castors of an office chair or feet of a table etc…), reducing the risk of indentation. Depending on the precise use of your office and how much traffic/usage it is likely to see, picking carpet tiles with a castor rating is recommended.

Why Office Floor Tiles?

Office floor tiles lend themselves to being a flexible and adaptable solution, allowing users to create office flooring that is bespoke to the business. Tiles can be laid to signify different areas of the office, such as marking communal and working areas amongst others. Tiles are also easier to replace as and when needed, with just the single tile being lifted and swapped with a like-for-like replacement in the event of any damage. This helps to reduce maintenance costs for businesses who can then focus more of the budget on other areas.

Free Samples

Before you make your final decision, we highly recommended ordering free samples of up to three ranges of commercial office carpet tiles. This will allow you to properly assess the look and feel of the carpet tiles, better helping you to visualise how the finished product will look. Trying before you buy before ensures that you are able to shop with confidence, knowing full well that you are investing in the correct solution for your needs. Once you place your order, your free sample pack will be delivered within five working days.

Contact Carpet Floor Tiles Today

If you would like any more information regarding the vast range of office floor tiles available from our website, please get in touch with a member of our team today. Our expert advisors will be able to inform you of the best options for your requirements, discussing in detail what you are expecting to achieve from your new flooring. You can reach us either by sending us a message through our contact page, or by calling us on 0808 168 4420 between 9am and 6pm Monday to Saturday.

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