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Why Choose Carpet Tiles?

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Posted: December 1, 2020

Why Choose Carpet Tiles?

Renovating your commercial space is a must to keep it looking in top condition, attractive to customers (if applicable) and, most importantly, safe for anyone who is in the building. Your flooring solution should not be overlooked and should take precedence as, after all, this is one of the first things that visitors will see.

Flooring can be expensive, especially if it needs to be replaced every other year. That, though, is not a problem for businesses with floor carpet tiles which can be pulled up and replaced as required without the need for disruptive and costly maintenance work. Carpet squares lend themselves to creating a dynamic flooring solution that is tailored to the needs and requirements of the business.

What Are Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles are squares of carpet, available in varying sizes, most commonly in 50cm x 50cm or planks of 25 x 100cm (view our price guide for more information) that are placed next to each other. Tiles can be used to either create a pattern on the floor, adding to the design of the space, or simply to avoid the need for a complete carpet.

It should not surprise you to learn that not all carpet tiles are the same, with some products better suited to certain environments than others. To find the best carpet tiles for your commercial space, you should consider how busy the area is (i.e. how much traffic are the tiles likely to see), if office workers be sat in computer chairs (therefore needing carpet squares with an adequate castor rating), and will your tiles be installed in a space where customers/visitors are likely to see them?

In many ways, your carpet tiles will be the front of house for your business with customers, new employees and potential partners drawing their first impressions from them. If your flooring is not well-maintained and/or your carpet is of poor quality, this immediately puts your business on the backfoot.

What Are Carpet Tiles Made of?

Carpet tiles can be made from a wide variety of materials such as vinyl, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, cotton, wool, acrylics and more. It is also common for carpet tiles to feature a blend of fibres interwoven, as well as featuring a cushioned underlayer which is more commonly seen in medium-to-higher priced floor carpet tiles.

As well as being manufactured to the highest possible quality, carpet floor tiles can also be made using 100% recyclable materials, therefore helping to keep your business’ carbon footprint down to a minimum. With many industries having more of a focus on maintaining high environmental standards, green flooring solutions make for an ideal investment for any company.

Carpet Tiles for Stairs

As well as making for the ideal solution for flat, spaced out areas, carpet tiles can also be used for staircases which can be a nightmare for accurately measuring and installing carpets. Rather than worrying about cutting off and folding in fabric, carpet tiles allow for the user to calculate how many tiles they will need, accounting for wastage, and easily lay them into place.

For anyone looking to install their own flooring, this makes the job a lot easier. Of course, that isn’t to say that careful planning and preparation is not required when laying carpet floor tiles as many common mistakes can be made, such as not considering stair nosing, considering awkward shapes and indentation, or assuming that every step of the staircase measures exactly the same.

Picking the Correct Carpet Tiles for Your Space

Depending on your industry and the type of work that is carried out in your commercial space, there will be certain types of tiles you shoulder consider above others. For example, the type of flooring you would look to use in an area that will see heavy industrial weights moved across it will not want to be the same as the flooring commonly seen in school classrooms.

On the Carpet Floor Tiles website, we list the best tiles for sectors such as commercial officeseducationhospitalitypublic sector and retail. Here, you will be able to find the most suitable solution for your business needs, whether you are refurbishing a restaurant ahead of re-opening, carrying out maintenance work in your office or opening a new hotel and looking for the best flooring solution that complements your luxurious décor.

Order a Free Sample from Carpet Floor Tiles

To help you make your decision, you can order up to three free samples directly from our website. Your samples will be delivered to you within five business days. We send carpet tiles anywhere in the UK, allowing you to get a proper look and feel of the tiles you are interested in, wherever you are based. No matter where you are looking to install new tiles, we highly recommend that you try before you buy to avoid disappointment.

This will allow you to order from Carpet Floor Tiles with confidence. With the biggest brands on sale from our website, such as Milliken, Burmatex, IVC, Interface and Modulyss, you will always be able to find exactly what it is you are looking for.

For more information on carpet tiles and for help on picking out the ideal solution for your needs, please get in touch with a member of the Carpet Floor Tiles team today and we will be more than happy to help.

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