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How to Measure Your Office for Carpet Tiles

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Posted: January 20, 2021

How to Measure Your Office for Carpet Tiles

Some spaces are more complicated than others to measure for carpet tiles, however, calculating exactly how many tiles you need should not be an over-complicated task. If you are in doubt, it is always best to overestimate your order than underestimate as, worst-case scenario, you will be left with spare tiles leftover that you can use in the event of any mistakes in the installation or future replacements.

If you are fortunate to have office space that is a perfect square or rectangle without awkward shapes, measuring for carpet tiles is simply a case of working out the width and length of the room and multiplying them together to work out the area that needs covering. Once you have that, you will then need to calculate how many tiles you will need (it is important to ensure you have the correct measurements as not all tiles measure the same).

When you have done your maths and worked out how many tiles you will need, we recommend adding another 10%-15% minimum on top to leave room for error.

Measuring Odd-Shaped Offices for Carpet Tiles

In the case of odd-shaped offices which do not lend themselves as easily as four-sided spaces, it is best to break the room up into different sections. This will allow you to obtain as accurate a measurement as possible.

In each different section, carry out the same process as we outlined further up the page – measuring the width and length and multiplying the two together. Make sure each section is as close to an easy-to-measure four-sided shape as possible, although the 10%-15% addition you add on in each section should account for any error. Spare carpet tiles can also be cut to suit any awkward spots that an uncut tile would otherwise not fit into.

Triangular Rooms

Whilst triangular rooms are uncommon, they do exist and measuring the space can be far from a simple exercise – especially if you have never measured the floor ahead of laying down new carpet or tiles. Usually, triangular rooms are converted lofts or attics that may well be used as an office, so it is only right that you would want to install carpet tiles for office use.

To begin, measure the base length of the space and then the height of the room. Multiply these measurements together to find out the area of the space and then multiply that again by 0.5 for the carpet tiles you will require. As ever, add on another 10%-15% to allow room for error during the measuring and installation process.

Consider the Size of Your Carpet Tiles

Not all carpet floor tiles measure the same; this will be determined by the product you have chosen for your office. For example, while some ranges measure 50cm x 50cm, others may vary and you should decide on the type of tile you wish to lay in your space before calculating how many tiles you will need. This is why it is recommended that you order free samples before advancing to the latter stages of your refurbishment.

Carpet tiles are produced as per the order, meaning any further tiles that are ordered may not perfectly match your initial order if you are purchasing them as an addition. Patterns may be slightly out and the colouration of the tiles may differ enough to the point the new tiles do not perfectly match the originals.

Our price guide acts as a good reference point when considering different types of carpet floor tiles for your office (or any other commercial) space. Here, you will find information on choosing the correct product based on your area, the amount of traffic it is likely to see and any other important information that you should consider.

Measure Each Area – Never Assume

One of the most common mistakes made when measuring for carpet floor tiles is the assumption that some seemingly identical areas will have the same measurements. This is not necessarily the case and all areas of the office where you are planning to lay tiles should be measured for an accurate reading.

Staircases are the most common area where mistakes are made because so often it is assumed that each step is identical. Rounded staircases especially are commonly measured incorrectly because there is more chance for steps to measure differently due to the discrepancy in shapes.

Stair nosings and bullnoses also require extra care as this is where flooring leads into the staircase and landing area. Each separate step and area’s width and length should be measured and totalled together (along with the 10%-15% wastage).

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Once you have decided on your favoured office floor tiles and measured your space, it is time to purchase your flooring and get the ball rolling on your project. Carpet Floor Tile’s websites offer a wide range of carpet floor tiles to suit all commercial areas and budgets, guaranteeing that you will find the perfect solution for your needs.

If you require any more information on the range of carpet tiles on our website, or if you cannot quite find the ideal solution, please get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be more than happy to help with your query. You can reach us by calling us on 0808 168 4420 or send us an email at

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