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What Carpet Tiles Are Best for My Space?

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Posted: February 19, 2021

What Carpet Tiles Are Best for My Space?

Whether you are responsible for kitting out a commercial space or private residence, investing in the correct flooring solution is a must. To know what type of flooring is best, you first need to consider how much traffic your area will usually see and what activity happens there.

For example, if you are looking for the best carpet tiles for an industrial unit where heavy machinery is moved across, you probably won’t want to consider the same type of flooring solution as you might find in an office. For this, you will need a heavy-duty vinyl solution that will be able to withstand a good amount of weight, as well as to provide a level of safety to anyone in the space.

The Best Carpet Tiles for an Office

Many businesses come to Carpet Floor Tiles as it is time to refurbish their office space, either because the flooring they currently have is clearly showing signs of its age and/or indentation from where furniture, such as chairs, has been sitting for a prolonged period. You may not be aware that some ranges of carpet square tiles come with a castor chair rating which protects against indentation.

Cheaper carpet tiles will not come with a castor chair rating and, thus, will feel hard under the foot as there is little to no cushioned underlayer that springs back. Because of this, lower-priced tiles will indent more quickly. If your office has workers sat at a desk for eight hours a day working on a computer, it might be worth exploring other options.

The flip side is that fact that while lower-priced tiles will have a shorter expected lifespan, you may consider them to be the best carpet squares if you do not expect to use your space for the long-term, and for the fact that the cost of replacing them in the event of damage will be cheaper.

On our website, you will find a range of carpet tiles that are suitable for commercial offices with prices marked by the square metre and per tile. With products available in a variety of colours, you can ensure that your business’ flooring is on-brand.

Carpet Tiles for Education Settings

The type of flooring you will be looking to install in an educational setting, such as a classroom, won’t be too dissimilar to that of an office. However, not all education settings are the same – for example, a primary school will differ greatly from a college or university. The ages of those who make use of the setting vary greatly – you cannot expect four and five-year-olds to be as careful as adults which is why those responsible for the flooring of the setting must consider this.

Imagine expecting a primary school class not to spill paint, glue or whatever else they may get their hands on during arts and crafts. There is a decision to make as to whether the setting opts for hard-wearing tiles, which can withstand such activity and be easily cleaned (which is one of the advantages of vinyl), or for a more cost-effective solution that can be replaced at little expense.

Hospitality and Leisure Flooring

When it comes to the hospitality and leisure sector, the aim of the game is to impress your clientele. If you were to walk into a bar or restaurant with lifeless and/or poor quality flooring, you may elect to walk back through the door you just came in. Such settings have to create an atmosphere through their interior décor and, if this isn’t on point, it can drastically affect commercial revenue – as well as the business’ reputation via word of mouth.

Of course, some settings are considerably more high-end than others (and, as such, no expense should be spared), but regardless of where your business sits on the spectrum, your premises’ flooring must reflect your business in a positive light. As per our price guide, you will see that the absolute best carpet tiles will cost in the region of £25+ per square metre.

When buying carpet tiles, regardless of price, it is always recommended to buy more than what you need (by at least 10%). This is so that when you inevitably have to replace a tile or two because of damage, you won’t have to pay out for a completely new floor. This will also guarantee that the tile you are using perfectly matches the colour and patterning as the rest of the tiles in use as they will have been produced from the same batch.

To Match Your Budget

Here at Carpet Floor Tiles, we stock a wide range of flooring solutions to suit all budgets - regardless of how big or small they are. Our sales team can advise on the best carpet tiles to match your budget and requirements, as well as being able to offer measuring and installation advice as and when required.

Our price guide is the best place to start for everyone, whether searching on behalf of a commercial entity or for personal use, as it will nudge you in the right direction. You will also see that, through Carpet Floor Tiles, you will be able to invest in the leading brand names on the market regardless of price – ensuring that our customers purchase quality every time they buy with us.

If you would like some more information on how to get the best price carpet tiles for your needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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