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Replacing Carpet Tiles Compared to Sheet Carpet

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Posted: January 20, 2021

Replacing Carpet Tiles Compared to Sheet Carpet

Much of the appeal of opting for carpet tiles as opposed to traditional sheet carpet it is much easier, and cheaper, to replace when the time comes. For businesses working to a budget, we understand that flooring isn’t exactly your top priority when everything else is taken into consideration.

That is why many businesses look for an alternative that, in comparison, is cheap. Carpet tiles, though more cost-effective, do live up to the same high standard as sheet carpet and, in many ways, exceed it. We have provided flooring solutions for commercial areas such as offices, classrooms and other public areas that have benefited from the use of tiles.

In areas that see increased levels of traffic, as expected, the lifespan is shorter than in spaces that do not see as many people walking on the carpet. However, instead of going to the time and expense of investing in new carpet, lifting up the entire sheet and laying down a new carpet – as well as having to clear out all the furniture for the refurbishment - one single tile can be replaced with minimal hassle.

Keeping Costs Down

When you invest in commercial carpet tiles, it is recommended that you add anywhere between 5% and 10% to your measurements, depending on the size and shape of the area you are laying your flooring. This will likely mean that you will have spare tiles left over from the installation that will perfectly match the pattern and colour of the tiles you have installed.

As each run of tiles is processed on order, it is not already guaranteed that tiles from a new run will be identical. This is why we recommend overestimating your order to account for any mistakes in measurements and/or when fitting the tiles in place.

If you were to damage a sheet carpet during installation, or at any point after it has been laid, a seamless replacement is not quite as simple as it is with a tile or carpet square. Cutting the problem area out and replacing with carpet that has been cut to size will still show up like a sore thumb with the joins being clearly visible. You will likely have to resort to a complete re-fit which, if you have not budgeted for it, can be a huge strain on your business’ finances – and that’s without accounting for the disruption that comes with preparing the space for new flooring.

With carpet tiles, one damaged tile is just that. One damaged tile. This can be quickly lifted and replaced with an identical tile that will restore the overall quality of your flooring.

Choosing the Best Carpet Floor Tiles

In commercial areas, particularly businesses that regularly welcome customers, a warm and welcoming flooring solution is a must. Under-par carpeting or cold, unwelcoming, hard flooring should be avoided where possible because it just doesn’t set the right tone for your business.

If you were walking into a reception area and the first thing that greeted you was damaged and/or stained flooring, your first impression of the business will not be a good one. If they are unable to look after this simple aspect of the company, what does this say about the standards they uphold elsewhere?

Would you want someone to think this about your business? Absolutely not, which is why choosing the best carpet floor tiles available in the UK is essential.

Here at Carpet Floor Tiles, we stock a wide range of tiles to suit all needs and budgets. If you are looking for cheap carpet tiles, we have them; if you have the budget for luxury carpet tiles then we have them, too. We will stock the ideal solution for your needs – helping you to present your business exactly the way you want to, making the correct first impression to your customers.

How Often Should Carpet be Replaced?

How often your carpet needs replacing comes down to a few determining factors, such as the quality of carpet tiles you have invested in, how much traffic the flooring has seen or will see, and where it is being installed (what is the area normally used for?). You should expect your carpet to last for a minimum of five years,potentially up to 15 years, although how the carpet is cared for also has to be taken into consideration.

Carpets should be regularly cleaned, as well as measures taken to reduce the risks of damage and discolouration to the material. In some areas, this is easier said than done and this is why carpet tiles are considered to be a better method than sheet carpet due to the ease of replacing damaged flooring.

When a sheet carpet needs replacing, the entire carpet needs replacing. When carpet tiles need replacing, only the problem area needs replacing which saves on cost and time. As long as you have enough replacement tiles to hand, there is no need to lift and replace the entire floor. This is ideal if you do not own your commercial space or do not expect to be based there for a prolonged period of time.

Order Your Free Samples Today

If you are considering making the move to carpet tiles or simply want to weigh up your options, you can order up to three free samples through our website today. Your samples will be delivered within five working days, helping you to find the ideal flooring solution for your space.

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