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What are Luxury Carpet Tiles?

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Posted: April 15, 2021

What are Luxury Carpet Tiles?

Not all carpet tiles are created equally, with some just being better than others. Of course, depending on the environment, its use and the amount of traffic the area is likely to see, a top of the range solution may not be a necessity.

However, if you are looking for a suitable flooring option that will last the distance and impress whilst doing so, luxury carpet tiles may be what you are looking for. For example, if you are kitting out a reception area that will welcome guests (such as potential customers, clients and business partners), a good first impression is a must.

What is the Difference Between Standard and Luxury Carpet Tiles?

There is a huge difference between standard and luxury carpet tiles in the way that they are designed and manufactured. Standard carpet tiles, generally considered to be more cost-effective, do not offer the same range of adaptability and flexibility as higher-end products. Lower-priced carpet tiles will usually consist of standard block colours with little to no patterns available, and they won’t offer the same level of comfort and noise-reducing qualities that luxury carpet tiles offer.

This is because standard carpet tiles do not feature any cushioned backing which means that the flooring can feel very hard (especially if walking on the carpet tiles without footwear). Cushioned backing is a feature of luxury carpet tiles that lends itself to maintaining high performance, even under high duress. In contrast, the best you can hope for from standard carpet tiles when there is high traffic is between nine and 12 months until you begin to see signs of wear and tear. The cushioned backing really does make a huge difference.


Commercial spaces generally opt for luxury thick carpet tiles for precisely that reason because they do make a big difference. The cushioned backing allows for better productivity in the workplace as it reduces noise which is particularly helpful when laid in an office setting where workers are likely concentrating on day-to-day tasks.

Another way that luxury carpet tiles make for increased productivity is because members of staff feel proud about where they work. A workplace with poor-quality flooring makes a statement about how the business sees itself and, through that, employees will match the standard that has been set out. In that case, when the bar has been set relatively low, so too will the standards of employees who will be less likely to push the boundaries.

In contrast, the presence of luxury carpet tiles makes a positive statement and sets a precedence for what is expected of the business and all those who work for it. When employees are proud to work in a well-kept environment for a company that looks after them, they are more likely to raise their standards to produce positive results. While it may be easy to underestimate the effects of good flooring in the workplace, you may be surprised to see the difference that a simple renovation can have on the team.

Reduced Maintenance

Luxury carpet tiles reduce the time and costs needed for maintenance because of the fact they last longer than standard tiles. Luxury carpet tiles meet and exceed their functional demands, meaning that businesses need not be concerned about having to constantly repair and replace flooring every other year. Offices and other commercial spaces can go about their business.

Maintenance costs can be a big concern for businesses, particularly during present times when companies are understandably trying to keep costs down to a minimum. While the price of luxury carpet tiles may at first seem high, you have to consider that in the long-term, chances are you will be saving money. Instead of shelling out for refurbishments which, in the case of the cheapest carpet tiles on the market could be every nine months or so, you can plan for multiple years before maintenance is required.

All luxury carpet tiles will also come with a castor rating which shows how well the flooring contends with furniture such as office chairs (usually with castor wheels on the bottom). Tiles with a castor rating mean that they will be able to bounce back into shape, showing little to no signs of any indentation, while many standard carpet tiles do not have any castor rating at all. This means that if furniture is left in the same spot for a prolonged period, especially with heavy weight, an indentation will form and will likely remain.


Luxury thick carpet tiles lend themselves to better flexibility than standard tiles because more patterns and designs are available rather than block colours. This means that businesses can choose to create appealing patterns, making for a unique, personalised touch that matches the tone of the business and the brand. With standard carpet tiles and sheet carpet for that matter, there simply is not the same capability to create a working space personalised to your business.

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