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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need adhesive to install carpet tiles?

We would always recommend installing a fresh coat of tackifier prior to installation. This ensures your tiles look their best, they stay in place and meet the recommendations of the manufacturer.

How many carpet tiles are in a box?

The majority of carpet tiles come in boxes of 20. There are a few ranges where this varies so please check the product page before ordering.

Can I get more of the same carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles are manufactured in dye batches which is effectively a large drum of mixture. Each batch may vary slightly depending on the mix so therefore it is always worth ordering a little extra with the initial order. Please contact us and we can always see if the manufacturer has any of your same dye batch in stock.

How long will my carpet tiles take to be delivered?

Each manufacturer has their own tempo and therefore please check our estimated delivery time on each product page. Some tiles we can deliver the next day while others take upto 14 days. The quantity ordered can also affect the stock of carpet tiles available.

Can I return unused carpet tiles?

Returns of carpet tiles are accepted with a 30% handling charge due to transport and logistics.

If I have ordered multiple items how will they arrive?

If the products are from the same range or manufacturer then the carpet tiles will all be delivered together. If your orders are from different manufacturers then the tiles will be delivered separately based on the product page delivery estimates.

What location do you deliver carpet tiles to?

We can deliver worldwide but the pricing is based on UK deliveries only. Please contact us on 08081684420 for international deliveries. All deliveries are to the kerbside only so please ensure that arrangements are made to take in the deliveries.

We began in 1998, since then we have supplied thousands of carpets throughout the City of London, the West End and Greater London.


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